Basketball Queensland Referee Development Programs

Referee Development

Referees and technical officials are a crucial part of the sport of basketball, and Basketball Queensland has dedicated staff to recruit and develop officials across the state.

With basketball competitions being held throughout the state all year round, opportunities are always available for those looking to become a referee or scoretable official. See the Events section located at the right side of this page.

Referee courses are run throughout the year, with development pathways in place to allow career progression from junior club basketball to QBL, right through to the international level of officiating., in line with Basketball Australia’s officials development framework.

Upcoming Courses
  • Get started at your local association

  • Improve your skills with junior representative

  • Move forward at state championships

  • Develop with the state elite program

  • Forge your career with SBL and QBL

Referee Pathway

Basketball Queensland’s Referee Development Program provides pathways for referees from officiating their first game of junior basketball through to being a FIBA official at international events. The pathways available to referees include being able to referee at local, regional, State, National and international competitions at both junior and senior levels.

Progression from one level to the next is based on your theory knowledge and practical expertise, and the pace of progression will differ for every referee.

Beginner Referee Course: The Beginner Referee Course teaches the basics of refereeing the game – fouls, violations, administration, and mechanics (where to run on the court). After completing this level, beginner referees are accompanied on the court by a senior official to help them get used to the practical side of the game.

Community Grade Referee Course: Once beginner referees have gained experience at local junior basketball and are competently refereeing Under 14 domestic basketball, the Development Grade course provides more instruction on refereeing the game. The course is broad and touches upon all the major elements involved in refereeing at association levels of competition. Development Grade referees then move up to higher age groups at local competition and may also do Under 12 representative games (BQJBC/CDC/QNJBC).

Intermediate Grade Referee Course: After gaining experience as a Development Grade referee, this course introduces referees to the skills needed to officiate high-age junior domestic basketball (e.g. Under 18), senior domestic basketball, and the higher ages of junior representative (such as Under 14).

Advanced Grade Referee Course: The Advanced Grade course builds on the knowledge acquired in the Development and Intermediate grades, and prepares referees for officiating Under 16 & Under 18 representative basketball and higher level senior domestic games. Junior referees should be aged at least 15 before attending this course and should be competent at all junior domestic age groups already.

The Beginner, Development, Intermediate and Advanced Grade courses can all be run by local associations, and courses are held on a regular basis throughout Queensland.

State Grade (Level 2) Referee Course: The State Grade course is for referees who are accomplished at the higher levels of junior representative basketball and are wanting to progress into the QBL and Australian Junior Championships. This course focuses on the elite level skills required by referees at these levels and is run by Basketball Queensland as an invitation-only event.

For more information on referee courses being run in your local area, check out the events in the Upcoming Courses section below or email Basketball Queensland for more information – [email protected]

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