Basketball Coaching Course - Queensland

BQ Coaching Course Wrap-Up

Last weekend, 20 coaches from a variety of coaching backgrounds and experience levels came together to continue their journey in learning our game and how to effectively pass on their knowledge and passion to players in an Association Coaching course held at the Queensland Academy of Sport at Nathan.

What Coaches Look for in a State Team Player

State Team selections are always challenging, especially in a state like Queensland which has exceptional talent and a large pool of quality athletes to select from.

That large talent pool allows us to be as competitive as we are when we go away to Australian Junior Championships, which is a huge benefit. However, with such great talent comes the inevitable disappointment of quality junior basketballers at selection time. This blog has been designed with the intention of providing some insight into the thinking of a state team selection panel and to give you the best chance of being selected to represent Queensland.

New Coach Development Manager

The past month has seen some changes in the High Performance Team. However sad it was to say goodbye to Ben Johnson and Mick Downer, Basketball Queensland is happy to welcome new Coach Development Manager – Tom Kyle, to the team. We managed to grab a few minutes with Tom to get some background on…