Wrap Up for 2017 Australian Junior Championships

The U16 Australian Junior Championships (AJC’s) are always intriguing. For many athletes and coaches, it’s their first taste at the elite level and often confirms their passion for the game. It’s also, in most cases, the first time that the best athletes from around the nation all come together and compete against each other, working out who else is around the country and how they sit against the best athletes in their age group.

Emerging Teams: Where Are They Now?

In light of the 2017 Emerging Teams embarking on the 2017 Emerging Team USA Tour, we wanted to see what some of our previous emerging players have been up to! We caught up with Grace George and Jace Arnold who were both part of the 2016 U17 Emerging Teams to hear how being in an Emerging Team helped shape their basketball journey and what they got out of their experience: