Teaching Sportsmanship in Youth Basketball

Teaching Sportsmanship in Youth Basketball

Sportsmanship vs Gamesmanship: Knowing The Difference Makes Better Players Sportsmanship and gamesmanship – Is there a difference?  With this questions in mind, it is important for players and parents to understand the difference between the two even before stepping on the court to ensure that no matter what the score is at the end, everyone…

Basketball QLD - State Performance Program (SPP) Announcement

2019 U18 State Performance Program (SPP) Athlete Announcement

The State Performance Program (SPP) involves the systematic and progressive identification, selection and development of athletes in the Under 15 to Under 18 age groups, with the aim of preparing players to represent Queensland at the Australian Junior Championships. Congratulations to the following players: North Queensland SPP Athletes – U18 MEN Tamuri Wigness, Cairns Basketball Rivar…

Basketball Queensland 2017 Annual Awards

2017 BQ Awards Winners

On Saturday 26th May 2018 representatives from the Basketball Queensland community came together at it’s annual awards dinner. At this event we celebrate the achievements of individual players, coaches, officials and associations during the previous year and recognise people who, throughout their lives, have given great service to Basketball.