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Basketball Queensland State Performance Program

Development Program For Queensland’s Aspiring Basketball Athletes and Coaches Over the course of 2018, the Basketball Queensland (BQ) State Performance Program (SPP) has been progressively adapted to better provide the support and instruction that Queensland’s aspiring athletes and coaches require to thrive. With a keen focus upon the development of tactical, technical, physical, and mental…

Basketball Queensland 2018 Talent Development Program

2018 Talent Development Program Team Announcement

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected for the 2018 Talent Development Program. Formally known as the U15 Emerging Teams, the Talent Development Program allows Basketball Queensland to better cater to the need of the athletes within that age group and further instilling the athletes in the Queensland Style of Play whilst providing international playing opportunities for the younger group.

Team Culture - Basketball Queensland

The Importance of Team Culture

Great athletes are a combination of a good player, but also a good person. When it comes to team selections, good character is a fundamental attribute over talent, purely because if you have 1 person with poor character – whether it be a parent, coach or athlete, it can change the whole dynamic of the group and what they’re trying to achieve.